Menggunakan Memcached di PHP

Memcached adalah memory-object-caching-system, bersifat umum, dimaksudkan untuk digunakan dalam mempercepat aplikasi web dinamis dengan meringankan beban database.

Memcached bekerja sebagai semacam hash atau array asosiasi yang dapat menyimpan data berupa string, integer atau bahkan object. Data hash ini disimpan didalam memori komputer (RAM) hingga sangat cepat untuk diakses.

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PHP Trick : Ternary Operators

Anda programmer PHP? sudah kenal “Ternary Operators “?

Nih kalau belum tau..

An essential part of programming is evaluating conditions using if/else and switch/case statements. If / Else statements are easy to code and global to all languages. If / Else statements are great but they can be too long. Baca lebih lanjut

Membuat QR Barcode dengan PHP

Contoh QR Barcode

qrcodeukCaranya pertama download dulu library nya di

Kemudian ikuti petunjuk seperti dibawah ini ..

Used widely in various recent applications, QR Codes can be seen on cola cans, business cards, in sushi bars, and in museums. QR Code is a 2-dimensional barcode specification that was invented in Japan. It is patented. but it’s inventor, Denso Wave, chose not to exercise it and left the standard open for the benefit of all. The code has since grown in popularity because of its ability to include a lot of data in a single image and the proliferation of smartphones with scanning apps. Baca lebih lanjut

Mysql Advance : How to build a MySQL-powered search engin

In content-heavy websites, it becomes increasingly important to provide capable search possibilities to help your users find exactly what they’re looking for. The most obvious solution is searching your MySQL database directly, but implementing a generic MySQL search is not at all trivial. Here’s how to avoid those pitfalls and build a robust MySQL-powered search engine for you website. Baca lebih lanjut